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Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks should be pumped every 3 to 5 years. This removes the solids that are broken down by bacteria and keeps those solids from going out into the drain field. There are filters in newer septic tanks that stop these solids but these filters can become clogged. They should be cleaned when the septic tank is pumped.

If the drainage from the house becomes slow or it starts to actually back up into the house it is time for it to be pumped. You may also have an odor in the house or outside.


We repair and replace field lines. Some counties require a soil test before purchasing a permit. We can get the soil test and permit for you. We give free estimates on these types of jobs.

If you see sewage in the yard or your septic tank needs to be pumped more often than normal you may have a field line problem.

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Alternative Systems

Some traditional septic systems will not work in certain soils. We install alternative systems such as aerobic treatment units, drip systems, mound systems and pump systems. We also replace pumps and blowers on these systems.

Pumps & Blowers

We replace pumps and blowers on alternative septic systems as well as pumps in lift stations. We have replaced pumps for a large lift station at a college so no job is too large.

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Lids & Risers

You can avoid damaging your lawn and landscaping by installing a riser or risers on your septic tank. Your septic tank will not have to be exposed every time it needs to be pumped. We also replace broken lids.

Drain Field Restoration

Some field line problems are due to compacted soil. We use compressed air to reopen pathways in the soil for the waste to travel instead of surfacing on the ground. This keeps you from having to destroy your lawn and is cheaper than field line replacement.

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Regular Toilets

New Systems

We install septic systems for new homes, mobile homes and commercial properties.

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